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Egyptian Court Allows Return to Christianity

Cairo’s highest civil court on Saturday ruled that 12 Christians who had converted to Islam could return to their original church, ending a bitter yearlong battle over identity and minority rights.

It was the second time in recent months that a court has upheld the rights of religious minorities, in a country that is 90 percent Muslim and where the distinction between civil law and religious principles is increasingly blurred.

The case involved Coptic Christians who had converted to Islam to obtain a divorce. The Coptic Orthodox Church does not allow dissolving a marriage. Islamic law, however, allows men to end a marriage easily.

For a time, Christians who converted in order to divorce were allowed by the courts to formally return to their original faith. But in recent years, as a more conservative sentiment has spread throughout the country and the government, the courts have not allowed converts to return to Christianity.

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From NPR: Does Britain Leave Doors Open for Terrorism?

Britain is one of the most open societies in the West. But some think its openness has made the country vulnerable to attacks by homegrown terrorists. British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith talks about the terrorist threat.

i happened to catch this this morning on the way to an early morning meeting. Be on the watch for a section toward the end of the interview where Archbishop Rowan Williams recent lecture on Sharia law and its possible place in Britain were discussed.

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Executive Council gets briefing on Ecuador's challenges

Members of the Episcopal Church’s Executive Council February 12 heard from a government official, an academic and a Latin American church leader about the challenges facing Ecuador.

The briefing came after Council members, Church Center staff and their guests traveled earlier in the day to one of eight venues in and around Quito to learn about and briefly engage in the mission of the Diocese of Ecuador Central.

Augusto Saa, a minister in the office of the Ecuadorian Vice Chancellor, spoke to Council about Ecuador President Rafael Correa’s plans for the country and the work he has already done to repay what Saa called the country’s “social debt” to those whom he said previous Ecuadorian governments had marginalized. Saa said that marginalization came about despite the country’s richness in natural resources.

“We are living in a very favorable moment,” Saa said, adding that he believes there is the “political will” to change the way the government relates to people.

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What One Woman Did to a Store which Lost her Laptop

Is your laptop worth $54 million?

Raelyn Campbell of Washington, D.C., is suing Richfield-based Best Buy for that amount after it lost her laptop computer while it was in for repairs.

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Tom Baldwin: Something must give ”” or will the fight be stopped?

The Democratic presidential contest is now between an unstoppable force and an immovable object.

Hillary Clinton is retrenching behind what her advisers call “a demographic brick wall” in Ohio and Texas ”“ believing that Barack Obama’s recent momentum will be brought to an abrupt halt next month by the blue-collar and Latino voters who have largely backed her elsewhere.

Mr Obama still surges forward, putting his faith in the “fierce urgency of now” helping him to vault over the next big round of elections on March 4, when 444 delegates are at stake, in the same way that he has already defied the laws of political campaigning.

Something, or someone, has to give. And eyes are turning to the party leadership of 796 “super-delegates” to be a referee that stops this fight before it reaches the presidential nomination convention in August.

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