A Magical Experience

Joe Hoagland was born with a rare heart condition that had forced him to spend much of his first three years of life in hospitals. After a series of open-heart surgeries, Joe seemed to be doing better, but the last surgery to repair a graft on his heart resulted in a stroke. The stroke put him in an eight-day coma and left him paralyzed on one side and unable to see out of one eye.

Worse still, the spunky toddler who had bravely battled his ailments until then became demoralized. His spirit seemingly broken, Joe sank into a deep depression. Afraid of his doctors and unwilling to participate in efforts at physical therapy, Joe grew listless, losing interest even in his favorite toys. Doctors advised [his mother] Deena to consider placing her son in a full-time center for rehabilitation and therapy. Deena refused.

Now, hoever, Joe Hoagland is fully functioning and healthy. How did he recover? Guess first and then read the rest of the story to get the answer (pages 4-5), and yes, this, too was quoted in this morning’s sermon.

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  1. Crabby in MD says:

    Loved it! Always wanted to try __________ (won’t spoil the fun for others!). You found this on a standards of learning test? You really do get around!