Anglican Church moves to evict B.C. clergy who hold to traditional sexual ethics

The Bible battle that has been dividing Anglicans in Canada for more than a decade is moving into new territory, with a third court battle looming in a Vancouver court.

The battle over same-sex blessings specifically, and interpretation of the Bible generally, is splitting liberal and conservative Anglicans and the fight over church property ownership has already resulted in two interim court rulings ”“ one in Ontario and one in British Columbia.

Now the Diocese of New Westminster has invoked a church bylaw to essentially fire the clergy at two other Vancouver-area churches and order them to leave the premises.

“We are faced with the situation of clergy in both parishes who have expressly rejected the Anglican Church of Canada as their home and have left the church, yet continue to occupy church buildings that are set aside for use by parishes in the Anglican Church of Canada,” says George Cadman, chancellor, or chief legal officer, for the diocese.

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One comment on “Anglican Church moves to evict B.C. clergy who hold to traditional sexual ethics

  1. Brian from T19 says:

    There’s a bit of a bias in that headline. They are actually moving to evict former clergy of ACiC. I imagine there are at least some “B.C. clergy who hold to traditional sexual ethics” that remain in ACiC and are not being ‘evicted.’