Zogby Poll: Equilibrium in the Presidential Race

McCain and Palin at 47%, Obama and Biden 45%. Read it all

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13 comments on “Zogby Poll: Equilibrium in the Presidential Race

  1. Dilbertnomore says:

    So much for the post-Denver bounce.

    Bye, bye, Obama.

  2. fab40ies says:

    There are press releases that spout how great it is that Palin was back at work, as Governor, the day after delivering her youngest child… but, that child is severely disabled! Seems she’s more interested in the photo op than her responsibilities. As a special ed. teacher, I’m appalled that she is leaving her youngest child, an infant with special needs, to a nanny to raise while she romps around the country to become VP. VP is not a ‘job’ it is your entire life… these are the “Family Values” she espouses?!? Having the income to hire a household staff is not the same as being a ‘working mom;’ it is simply managing a business. In addition, she is under investigation for an Ethics violation (abuse of power); she was for the “Bridge to Nowhere,” in a 2006 interview; then when it became a political liability she flip-flopped over to voice opposition for the project, and she owns three houses, but doesn’t apparently count two of them as they’re only vacation homes… whose the elitist? Every move she’s ever made has been to attain ‘fame,’ not to be in politics for service to the country, (beauty pageants, journalism, sports announcing, politics). No wonder McCain likes her – it’s someone just like him. I look at her and see “Handmaid’s Tale.”

  3. Christopher Johnson says:

    As opposed to what, #2? Serving as a US Senator for all of three years? Associating for a decade or so with unrepentant terrorists? Voting against saving the lives of babies who somehow survive the abortionist? Turning supporters loose on radio stations who interview people who bring all this up? As for that “ethics violation,” I’ve heard that it involved a guy who was slapping her sister around so go ahead and make an issue out of that. Me, when I look at Obama, I see Fidel Castro.

  4. Ad Orientem says:

    Re #2
    Your comment is shocking and frankly inaccurate. The vice-presidency is one of the dullest jobs on the planet. You have two functions in that position; the first being to attend funerals for your boss, and the second to keep an eye on his health. Your suggestion that she should stay home with the kids when she has a husband who is quite capable of taking care of the children while she is working is blatantly sexist. As for the bridge to nowhere, she OPPOSED it and helped to kill it. Get your facts right. Every move to gain fame? She has been in office as Governor not quite two years and yet has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments. What exactly has the junior United Stated States Senator from Illinois accomplished in his tenure in the Senate? Nothing (unless you count building a rock star cult following). He started running for president 5 mins after he won his Senate seat.

    If you are going come over here and try to talk serious politics I suggest that you bring something other than DNC talking points with you.


  5. Words Matter says:

    [i]VP is not a ‘job’ it is your entire life[/i]

    actually, no it’s not, except during the campaign. VP is probably less consuming than governor of a state twice as large as Texas (without the good roads). Anyway, the Obama’s have young children, as did the Kennedys. Perhaps this isn’t a really good accusation to be making.

    … and the house thing. Why don’t we agree that all sides will lay off numbers and values of residences. I think Sen. Obama got cleared of the ethics allegation of a sweetheart deal on his $2 million properties, but ethics and houses are probably not good talking points for either side, I think.

    Policies, of course, are the useful point of discussion.

  6. David Fischler says:

    Please don’t feed the trolls. (The “Handmaid’s Tale” line is the giveaway.)

  7. The_Elves says:

    [i] ANY ad hominem attacks against ANY candidate will be deleted. [/i]

    -Elf Lady

  8. physician without health says:

    These polls reflect national opinion and it is hard to get a sense from these of how the electoral vote would look if the election were held today. Also, anything can happen between now and November. For these reasons, I give the polls little credence.

  9. Sarah1 says:

    RE: “I look at her and see “Handmaid’s Tale.”

    Wow — Palin is an anti-Christian, enraged, Marxist, feminist, lesbian, gnashing hysterically against the “fundamentalist patriarchy” that has so oppressed her?

    Who’d a thunk it! ; > )

  10. Passing By says:

    ANY ad hominem attacks against ANY candidate will be deleted.

    -Elf Lady

    If that’s true, please consider deleting that irrational diatribe above by fab40ies.

    I have to wonder how a happy, stable family of seven, with both a loving mother and father(who have been married 20 years, no less) can remind one of “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Bad ‘ludes, or what?!!


  11. Chris Hathaway says:

    I have never recommended deleting posts, so it will come as no surprise that I would keep fab40ies’ rant. It provides a source of amusement for me to see such rabid fear induced nonsense.

  12. magnolia says:

    i have heard from several sources including npr that palin did campaign for the bridge to nowhere and then flipflopped. yah, the vp is a nothing job unless she acts like cheney and starts having secret meetings with big energy companies and similiar shenanigans that have gone on the past eight years. i think we know now how much power that office holds and how it has been wielded by the republicans thus far.
    and i must be a sexist because i think if she has babies at home they should be her first priority. too many latch key kids have nothing to do and wind up with unintended pregnancies….

  13. Passing By says:

    Well, I was a female latchkey kid and I didn’t get pregnant until I was thirty, after 8 years of happy marriage. I just had my fourth child, too, at age 41 and even with the same guy.

    Not everything and everybody fits the alleged stereotype, FYI, Magnolia.


    Equal opportunity for women is great, but I just happen to be a stay-at-home mother, too.