Obama's pastor at Camp David an Iraq war chaplain, author

Until President Obama and his family settle on a local church to attend, their fill-in pastor will be a former All-American offensive lineman who is now a Navy lieutenant who served in Iraq, and a distant relation of Johnny Cash.

Navy Lt. Carey H. Cash, 39, a Memphis, Tenn. native, is pastor of the chapel at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland’s Catoctin mountains. A Southern Baptist, Cash began his three-year tour of duty there in January.

The Evergreen Chapel serves the roughly 400 people who live and work on the remote compound, along with the first family when they flee the White House for the peace of the mountain forest.

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4 comments on “Obama's pastor at Camp David an Iraq war chaplain, author

  1. Franz says:

    I liked this bit . . .

    “Cash’s father said his son pastured at the Smyrna Baptist Church in Burlison, Tenn., for about two years beginning in 1999, said its current pastor, John Werner.”

    Either the guy has previously unappreciated forgaging skills, or Scripps needs some more editors. šŸ™‚

  2. Choir Stall says:

    I hope that the Obamas stay at Camp David’s Evergreen Chapel. At least THERE they’ll be surrounded by military and civilian servants worshipping together rather than the pretentious Washington crowd who loathes America.
    Let’s see: the ABC snubbed the Nat Cat’s invite to have him come during their 100th Anniversary (ouch!). Now the Obamas apparently never have had Nat Cat on the list.
    Ah yes, to be respected as a leading D.C. revisionist “Christian” institution certainly attracts people, doesn’t it? Well done Messers Chane and Lloyd.

  3. Jeffersonian says:

    Either that, #1, or his Good Book was entitled, [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Serve_Man_(The_Twilight_Zone)]”To Serve Man.”[/url]

  4. azusa says:

    Well spotted, Franz, no mistake pasture eyes.