Bishop attacks ”˜little England’ mentality

The Anglican Bishop of Stafford has taken a bold swipe at ”˜little-England’ mentality and the far-right British National Party. In parish magazines, published across the diocese of Lichfield, the Rt Rev Gordon Mursell asked ”˜what does it mean to be British?’ He wrote: “Britain will never be great again if all we have to offer is xenophobia and dreams of a lost empire.”

He went on to say: “But it can indeed be great again if it signs up to the values of Jesus’ kingdom – a place where people are judged by where they’re going, not where they come from; a place where what matters is not borders but compassion and courage and commitment and dedication.”

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3 comments on “Bishop attacks ”˜little England’ mentality

  1. Katherine says:

    How about also a place where Jesus’s kingdom is preached and believed, and the people in general behave as if they believe it?

  2. Katherine says:

    I read the article; should do that first, of course. He points out that many British have behavior issues of which they should not be proud. I agree (and so do Americans). I’d still like to see Christianity be the main point rather than “Britishness” or “inclusiveness.” Take the Gospel to those non-Christian Pakistanis and Indians with love.

  3. athan-asi-us says:

    It would seem that they are more and more bowing to Mecca five times a day.