220th S.C. Convention Focuses on Growth, Expansion and the Gospel; Resolutions Pass

The 220th Convention of the Diocese of South Carolina was held February 18-19, 2011 at the Parish Church of St. Helena’s in Beaufort.

Two resolutions, both of which passed at the previous convention, passed again, by more than the required two-thirds margin in both the clergy and lay orders, amending the Diocesan Constitution. The first resolution removed the accession clause to the Canons of the Episcopal Church, and the second, enabled the Convention to meet more frequently than annually, if needed. These resolutions seek to protect the Diocese from any attempt at un-Constitutional intrusions in our corporate life in South Carolina and were in response to the revisions to the Title IV Canons of the Episcopal Church.

The vote on the resolutions, however, was not the focus of the Convention. The Rev. Ian Boyd, Associate Rector of Trinity, Myrtle Beach was overheard saying, at the close of the gathering, “Of all the conventions I’ve attended this is the one that got me the most excited about doing the work of the church.”

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2 comments on “220th S.C. Convention Focuses on Growth, Expansion and the Gospel; Resolutions Pass

  1. Statmann says:

    I can’t pass up this chance to write some happy stats. For 2002 throgh 2009, South Carolina defied all odds and saw Members grow by 13.9 percent, ASA grow by 3.3 percent, and Plate & Pledge (inflation adjusted) grow by 10.1 percent. It was a “no brainer” to rank them Number One of 95 dioceses considered. Statmann

  2. MichaelA says:

    Wow, thank you Statmann for those figures. Amazing what a difference a stand for orthodoxy makes.

    Surely this diocese will now be the figurehead for TEC, the one that KJ Schori and her cronies will proudly announce as an example to the rest of TEC?!