(ENS) The Presiding Bishop’s Lenten message for 2012

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7 comments on “(ENS) The Presiding Bishop’s Lenten message for 2012

  1. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    Well, at least it isn’t about cow flatulence this year.

  2. Nikolaus says:

    If the MDG’s aren’t cow flatulence Archer, I don’t know what is!

  3. Teatime2 says:

    Yes, yes, MDGs. Whatever. But is anyone else struck by just how cold and passionless (pun and double entendre intended) this message is? No warmth, no fervor, no awe or mystery or gratitude or mention of the salvific action of Christ on which our faith is based. It almost sounds as if it were written by someone who is depressed but was expected to write something so she hastily scribbled something perfunctorily.

  4. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    I was trying to be charitable. At least she mentioned Jesus and the Resurrection. That’s more than she usually pulls off.

  5. dwstroudmd+ says:

    It’s the “greener” TEc. They’ve saved all the green by deleting the MDGs from the budget (per the EC), and they won’t have to print any new materials (what will all the leftover, undisturbed piles from the last time this ran), and it was blessedly short to save on electrons on the ‘net and in postage (if ever printed). Recycling – its what you do when you gotta go green ’cause you’re short on green (and the lawyers with the dough charge high interest rates on the money you’ve given ’em).

  6. Pb says:

    I hope my joyful resurrection occurs later than this Easter. And is the bible really all about widows and ophans as stated? She really has nothing to say.

  7. flaanglican says:

    Blessed be MDGs: Millenieum Development Goals
    And blessed be the MDGs now and forever, Amen!