(SHNS) David Yount–Anglicans' new leader inherits controversy

[Justin] Welby immediately inherits a nationwide controversy over legitimizing gay marriage, which was approved by the British Parliament on Tuesday. The government has already agreed that, whether or not it passes the House of Lords, the Anglican Church will not be required to preside over the marriage of same-sex couples.

The new archbishop has repeatedly declared his support for the Church’s traditional prohibition of same-sex marriage.

Nevertheless, he will face lingering controversies within the church over ordaining women bishops and accepting clergy in active same-sex relationships.

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One comment on “(SHNS) David Yount–Anglicans' new leader inherits controversy

  1. MichaelA says:

    “The Episcopal Church is the American member of the worldwide Anglican Communion. It has already suffered the loss of individual congregations due to continuing doctrinal disputes.”

    Really – loss of “individual congregations”? From where do they dig up these journalists with pretensions at competence?

    Five entire dioceses have left the Episcopal church (so far) as well as many other individual congregations. Many more have closed.

    Perhaps Mr Yount should try sports journalism? One need only go to the game and record the details – no need for any pesky research!