(Sunday Telegraph) New Archbishop of Canterbury facing showdown with senior bishops

In the first major test of his leadership of the worldwide Anglican Communion the Most Rev Justin Welby will be warned that the Church’s move risks alienating millions of traditionalist Anglicans in Africa and Asia.

Leaders of churches around the world are flying to Britain for Archbishop Welby’s formal installation at Canterbury cathedral next month, when some of them will meet the Archbishop for the first time.

Many want the new spiritual head of the 80-million strong Communion to call for an end to “divisive” moves away from traditional church teaching on sexuality, such as the ordination of [non-celibate] gay clergy as bishops.

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5 comments on “(Sunday Telegraph) New Archbishop of Canterbury facing showdown with senior bishops

  1. SC blu cat lady says:

    No matter what stand ++Welby takes for or against, he is going to offend someone in the Anglican Communion. Then again, he should be promoting the faith as we have known it for 2000 years and not worrying about whom he offends.

  2. Cennydd13 says:

    As I’ve previously said, I’m concerned about +++Welby’s possible attitude (he hasn’t said anything yet) towards the Anglican Church in North America’s eventual petition for recognition by the See of Canterbury. I’m in no hurry for this to happen as long as The Episcopal Church has anything to say about it, but there are those in our Church who are hoping for such recognition. Since we are connected to the Global South provinces via the GAFCON primates, and since Archbishop Duncan serves on their Board, this should be taken into consideration by the ABC. Therefore, despite KJS’ probable interference and rejection of any petition, the ABC should enter into communication with the ACNA in some meaningful way.

  3. SC blu cat lady says:

    I think recognition of ACNA will come probably not as soon as many will want. Truthfully, I am not sure why TEC is so determined to stay connected to the WWAC and the AbC. It seems to me they have little reason to remain connected. +++Welby has a tough job ahead of him.

  4. Cennydd13 says:

    I think that the reason why TEC is determined to stay connected to the Anglican Communion and the See of Canterbury is one of the desire to [b]control[/b] and a perceived [b]prestige factor.[/b] The problem with the latter is that the very idea of prestige in being a part of the Communion has nowhere near the desirability that it once had, yet TEC’s rulers continue to cling to it. The Presiding Bishop wants to continue to be the Power Behind the Throne, so to speak, and that’s why TEC wants to stay connected. The majority of the primates are not buying that, however, and this rankles the Presiding Bishop.

  5. MichaelA says:

    [blockquote] “… risks alienating millions of traditionalist Anglicans in Africa and Asia” [/blockquote]
    That is fair enough and he should be concerned about that. But what about the more immediate risk of alienating many key people in his own backyard?

    ++Welby’s own church (the Church of England, comprised in the provinces of York and Canterbury) is slowly collapsing. Buildings are mouldering away for lack of maintenance, parishes are without clergy, budgets are shrinking each year.

    The people best able to reverse this are orthodox evangelicals and anglo-catholics. Their parishioners do the un-glamorous grunt work of keeping the church going – attending services week in, week out, contributing their time, and contributing their money.

    As TEC and ACoC are learning to their costs, liberal “supporters” aren’t much use for such basic necessities. Sure they will get excited about the latest trendy issue – gay ‘marriage’ or whatever it might be this week – but the hard grunt work of attending church and contributing is not for them to sully their fine hands with.

    If ++Welby wants to still have a pension fund, and church buildings that don’t fall down, he needs to listen very carefully to the orthodox.