C.H. Spurgeon challenging Christian Soldiers to look to their Captain

…lastly, if I want another argument to make you good soldiers, remember your Captain, the Captain whose wounded hands and pierced feet are tokens of His love to you. Redeemed from going down tothe pit, what can you do sufficiently to show your gratitude? Assured of eternal Glory by-and-by, how can you sufficiently prove that you feel your indebtedness? Up, I pray you! By Him whose eyes are like a flame of fire, and yet were wet with tears””by Him on whose head are many crowns, and who yet wore the crown of thorns””by Him who is King of kings and Lord of lords, and yet bowed His head to death for you””resolve that to life’s latest breath you will spend and be spent for His praise. The Lord grant that there may be many such in this Church””good sold iers of Jesus Christ.

Read it all (cited by yours truly in yesterday’s sermon).

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