Bishop Nazir-Ali: A Response to the House of Bishops Guidance on Same-Sex Marriage

…It is quite remarkable that what is still the official teaching of the Church of England ie.the 1987 Resolution of General Synod is not mentioned at all. The Pilling Report had already thrown doubt upon it and the Bishops’ silence now reinforces the perception that this is no longer viewed as normative, even though there has been no further resolution of Synod….

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One comment on “Bishop Nazir-Ali: A Response to the House of Bishops Guidance on Same-Sex Marriage

  1. SC blu cat lady says:

    Excellent thoughts and analysis from Bishop Nazir-Ali. In his 8th comment he writes,

    The fact that this or that social virtue of caring, service or mutuality may be seen in a relationship says nothing about that relationship, as a whole, being according to God’s purposes for human flourishing.

    Then he warns:

    We should be very careful about isolating particular features of a relationship from the whole, especially as this may lead to some arguing for recognition and blessing of such elements in a relationship, even if we cannot bless all the elements of a relationship or the relationship as a whole. There is some evidence that this line of thought is being developed in some circles and we ought to be prepared to expose the fallacy involved in it.

    Wise words indeed! Thank you Bishop Nazir-Ali for warning us not to confuse some virtuous aspects of a relationship with the virtue of the relationship as a whole. This statement reminds me of what Paul said about bishops as oversees or shepherds of their flock. Bishop Nazir-Ali is concerned and points out an area in which his flock could indeed be steered away from the Gospel of Christ and towards a merely human understanding.