Worsening U.S. Divorce Rate Points to Improving Economy –# of divorces rose for third yr in a row

Hard economic times had kept Amy Derose and her husband Lawrence locked in an unhappy marriage for the sake of their engineering firm in Pompano Beach, Florida.

“The business was hanging on by a thread and we had to hang on,” said Derose, 53, who had been married 35 years and worked as the business manager. “We couldn’t afford to split. He needed me in the business and I needed him.”

With Florida’s economy and housing market recovering, “we are definitely on the upswing” and revenue is rising at their 24-employee company. That is allowing the couple to move forward with their divorce this month after years of showing up to work as if nothing were wrong personally. Now, she is looking for a job and “couldn’t be happier.”

Read it all from Bloomberg News.

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One comment on “Worsening U.S. Divorce Rate Points to Improving Economy –# of divorces rose for third yr in a row

  1. Undergroundpewster says:

    My suspicions about the truth in this article were aroused when I read,

    [blockquote]”…the 18-month recession ended June 2009″[/blockquote]

    Let me propose another equally plausible reason for the record low divorce rate in 2009 and the steady rise since then. After the 2008 election of Barack Obama, Americans in the first year of his presidency faced great uncertainty about the future of traditional family values and they tenaciously held onto failing marriages in the vain hope that the new administration would do something for them. Over the next 5 years, the value of marriage has been gradually eroded through a number of judicial and legislative moves. People being people are responding to these messages by separation and divorce so that they can more fully participate in the self fulfilling culture of change that we have been handed.