The 21st Bank Failure this year

Take a look.


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3 comments on “The 21st Bank Failure this year

  1. Br. Michael says:

    What you are not seeing is insurance company failures. The are regulated by the states and are not reported. But they are being liquidated.

  2. azusa says:

    Sorry, OT here, but now being reported in England that Michale Nazirali, Bishop of Rochester, is stepping down. As he’s just 59, what does he have in mind? He was the only C of E diocesan bishop to go to Gafcon & he boycotted Lambeth.

  3. Marie Blocher says:

    [blockquote]Omni had assets of $956 million and total deposits of $796.8 million as of March 9.[/blockquote]
    If the assets were more than the deposits why were they shut down? Or were many of those assets foreclosed properties and thus not liquid enough to handle day to day withdrawals?