Religious Intelligence: the Bishop of Rochester’s surprise resignation

Details of Bishop Nazir Ali’s new work have not been finalized, the diocese noted, leading to speculation that the 59 year old bishop might be preparing for another role in the Anglican Communion in light of his high profile stance within the conservative wing of the church.

However, the General Secretary of the Church of Pakistan, Humphrey Peters tells The Church of England Newspaper the news of the resignation came as a surprise. “So far we have no idea nor have we heard anything from Bishop Michael Nazir Ali. But, in case he feels like working for Church in Pakistan in these most critical times, the Church will be more than happy to welcome him.”

A spokesman for the Gafcon movement, stated while its leaders were generally aware of Dr. Nazir Ali’s wish to move on, they had no specific knowledge about his Saturday announcement.

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One comment on “Religious Intelligence: the Bishop of Rochester’s surprise resignation

  1. Alice Linsley says:

    I doubt the good Bishop would receive support for his ministry in Pakistan either from the Muslim population or from the Anglican powers that be. Canterbury still hasn’t resolved the competing claims of the two bishops of Karachi, the largest city, main seaport and financial capital of Pakistan.