Today's Quiz: What is the Fastest-growing High School Sport in America right now?

A 2005 survey showed 2,604 high school teams, compared with 851 in 1995.

Guess first before looking.

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14 comments on “Today's Quiz: What is the Fastest-growing High School Sport in America right now?

  1. TomRightmyer says:

    Go Hopkins!

    Tom Rightmyer, BA ’61

  2. APB says:

    Much like the Indian inventors, teams don’t so much “play” lacrosse, as “wage” lacrosse against the neighboring teams/tribes.

  3. Chris says:

    it has made its way down to SC (surprised that our esteemed moderator made no mention of that:)). i had guessed golf though:(

  4. William P. Sulik says:


  5. NancyNH says:

    Wow, I guessed right for a change!

  6. KAR says:

    Wow, for maybe the second time in my life, I guessed one of Kendall’s quizzes correctly! [*Falling over faint*]

  7. Jim the Puritan says:

    LaX is big at Whittier College in Southern California, where my son goes to school.

  8. robroy says:

    As a former lax player, I got this one right. Go Duke (PhD, 1989)!

  9. TonyinCNY says:

    I guessed lacrosse, but I was wondering whether it is popular here in the NE and not in other regions of the country.

  10. TomRightmyer says:

    Johns Hopkins 12, Duke 11. Hopkins is again NCAA Division 1 champion. It is good to see the world in its natural state. Now if the same good and loving God who inspired the Hopkins team will clean up the Episcopal Church.

    Tom Rightmyer in Asheville

  11. miserable sinner says:

    Hopkins does it again! Go Blue Jays!

    It was a glorious day at M&T in Baltimore. The undefeated ’05 run was special. But this was sweet, very, very sweet.

    Duke deserves a lot of credit for their nearly successful 2nd 1/2 comeback.

  12. libraryjim says:

    I was talking with one of our neighbors Saturday, and her teen-age son has just come to live with her. After trying out for (and playing) a few different sports, he decided to try out for the Lacrosse team — and says he’s found his sport! He absolutely loves the game. (From what I understand, they didn’t offer it at the school he used to attend.)

  13. Pat Kashtock says:

    Guessed it 😉 (and probably the only ever sports question I’ll ever get right, lol!)

    But then my youngest played LaX in high school, and we could see how it was spreading through the schools.

  14. Irenaeus says:

    Getting supersized.