From the Did you Know Department

The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in Utah was funded by a $150,000 2009 Federal Stimulus Package grant.

You can find more here.


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4 comments on “From the Did you Know Department

  1. John Wilkins says:

    Nice to know that the government supports the humanities. Unexpected.

  2. Sarah says:

    Completely expected.

    The State supporting utterly unwanted artistes programs for the intelligentsia.

    Were they wanted, of course, it could be “supported” by the market rather than stealing people’s money and transferring it to another class.

    This is SOP too — the US is littered with unwanted programs for a teensy percentage of The Interested. I’m one of those people — and it’s, of course, unConstitutional and immoral.

  3. John Wilkins says:

    Not everyone will approve of every program. Some people will probably disapprove of a police force, firemen, or public schools or public hospitals. It’s tough to live in a democracy. Not everyone gets what they want all the time.

    Even Milton Friedman wouldn’t impress some – he supported a “negative income tax” and benefits for the unemployed. Undoubtedly some would find that simply stealing, unconstitutional and immoral.

  4. Sarah says:

    RE: “Not everyone will approve of every program.”

    Indeed — that is why we live in a Constitutional republic. The Constitution stated what parts of society the State could collectivize through programs, and what parts the State could not. And our elected officials swear to uphold the Constitution. What a pity that they violate their oaths.