Open Thread I: How, Where and with Whom are you Spending Thanksgiving this year?

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5 comments on “Open Thread I: How, Where and with Whom are you Spending Thanksgiving this year?

  1. Dan Crawford says:

    My family (wife, daughter, her SO, two grandchildren) and I are spending this Thanksgiving at home. We are having a traditional Thanksgiving meal around 4 PM and enjoying a quiet celebration in a warm dry house, on a wet, raw, gray day in the Burgh while reflecting on how blessed we have all been in ways we can not begin to contemplate.

  2. Kendall Harmon says:

    The Harmon 5–all of us, two in College, one a high school senior, and Mom and Dad, are spending the day in Summerville, South Carolina where we live (about 1/2 hour nw of charleston, s.c., by car).

    We worshipped this morning at At St. Paul’s, Summerville, and heard a sermon from the Rev. John Scott. It is a pretty day in the 60’s (Fahrenheit) and we are gearing up for the family meal later this afternoon.

  3. montanan says:

    The Salisbury crew will travel 20″ away to spend the afternoon and evening with friends; we will eat and play cards, the kids (and maybe some of us adults) will traipse up and fly down a terrific sledding hill (pray for no injuries!); we’ll help feed some of the animals on the ranch. This family is inspirational to us in that they have little money, but almost always find room at their table throughout the year (including holidays) for those who are away from home or have no relatives to be with, even if they are mere acquaintances – it will, therefore, be a large crowd and I treasure the opportunity for my children to see the hospitality of Christ at work.

  4. Scatcatpdx says:

    I am home because of unemployment I can afford the 65 dollar ticket to go home, that is my weekly food budget. Still a one day job and I scratch together $9.00 for a small turkey which is in my smoker and got the rest of my fixings because of the sales like 48 cents per pound for sweet potatoes, less than one dolar per pound for root vegetables and 2.99 for a bottle of Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s. The lesson is bing alone and bing poor is no excuse to celebrate the holidays.

  5. MattJP says:

    I’m in Loma Linda, California, at medical school and away from my family who live up near Portland, Oregon. Later today I’ll head into San Bernardino to have Thanksgiving with a family of some kids whom a classmate and I have been meeting with weekly for Bible studies. I’m taking a green bean casserole I’m about to pop in the oven and a pumpkin pie with me. I’m not too sure the kids will be very keen on the green bean casserole but hopefully their mom and grandparents will like it. Happy Thanksgiving from Loma Linda!