Religious Leaders Call for New Efforts to Lower New York's ”˜Chilling’ Abortion Rate

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York joined other local religious leaders on Thursday in calling for a new effort to reduce the number of abortions in the city. The annual figure has averaged 90,000 in recent years, or about 40 percent of all pregnancies, twice the national rate.

The archbishop, at a news conference in Manhattan, called the citywide statistics “downright chilling.”

But while holding to the conviction that abortion is morally wrong, Archbishop Dolan and the others said they were adopting a more pragmatic goal for New York than abolishing abortion: “Let’s see to it that abortion is rare,” he said.

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4 comments on “Religious Leaders Call for New Efforts to Lower New York's ”˜Chilling’ Abortion Rate

  1. lostdesert says:

    Chilling indeed. Just think, with Obamacare, the taxpayers will soon be funding this “important” women’s health care option. Oh, wait, that’s right, Barry gave Stupak that promise that tax money would never be used for abortions, he even wrote it on a paper napkin, that should be good enough. I really believe him.

  2. Capt. Father Warren says:

    The Bishop of the Archdiocese could have made a step toward making abortions more rare in 2008 at the Alfred E. Smith dinner where he so warmly introduced John McCain and Barack Obama. Had he had the courage at that moment to speak as a Roman Catholic Bishop to candidate Obama’s public record on abortion, candidate Obama may not have won the election.

    The bishop no doubt would have been “crucified” for that action. But that is the bold action of faith that the Cross sometimes demands.

  3. loyal opposition says:

    +Mark Sisk wasn’t invited? Isn’t ++Katharine right down the street? The rudeness of these Jews, Catholics and black preachers!

    Oh, I missed the part about our leaders being outside chanting.

  4. midwestnorwegian says:

    Notably absent: Representatives from The Episcopal Church, where at least one seminary teaches that “abortion is a blessing”.