(NPR) In Southern Sudan, New Nation Begins 'From Scratch'

“Southern Sudan, because of the decades of war, has so little infrastructure,” explains Bill Hammink, who overseas USAID in Sudan. “They are really starting construction here, starting from scratch in many ways.”

Hammink says the new road will cut the costs of imports from Uganda, on which Southern Sudan depends, and boost trade. That’s critical for an economy facing high prices, high unemployment and almost complete dependency on oil.

The goal of the United States and other donors is to prevent the failure of another state in Africa.

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One comment on “(NPR) In Southern Sudan, New Nation Begins 'From Scratch'

  1. Kendall Harmon says:

    Please join me in praying for them. It is one thing to build a company or a parish, but a country is a tremendous challenge.

    The Lord be with them.