(Zenit) Archbishop Timothy Dolan Decries Injustice Against Marriage

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York is decrying the “alarming and grave injustice” of U.S. President Barack Obama’s instruction to the nation’s justice department to cease its defense of marriage.
The president’s instruction to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was announced on Feb. 23 by the U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder.
Archbishop Dolan, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, released a statement in response to this announcement, and also sent a personal message to Obama regarding the administration’s move.
“Marriage, the union of one man and one woman as husband and wife, is a singular and irreplaceable institution,” the archbishop affirmed.
He asserted, “Only a man and a woman have the ability to bring children into the world.”

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11 comments on “(Zenit) Archbishop Timothy Dolan Decries Injustice Against Marriage

  1. GBob says:

    [blockquote]He asserted, “The administration’s current position is not only a grave threat to marriage, but to religious liberty and the integrity of our democracy as well.”[/blockquote]
    To confirm this threat we need look no farther than the UK, where a couple’s application to foster parent a child was denied because of their Christian beliefs.

  2. Teatime2 says:

    OK, seriously. As a single person, I have to admit that I find all of these articles and outcries about the “threats to marriage” and the ironies they present rather amusing.

    For Pete’s sake, heterosexual marriage is the norm. There are social, legal, and financial benefits to marriage that no other state in life has. The vast majority of people are married or have been married. Homosexuals and heterosexual singles (by choice) are small minorities. So, why the frequent freak-out? I really don’t understand but it’s everywhere these days.

    From the purely secular view, which is what the government represents, I don’t blame the partnered homosexuals for wanting the tax breaks, legal protections, and other goodies that married heterosexuals get. If you favor the government licensing personal relationships and rewarding those who stay together with tax breaks and protections, then this is what you can expect. The polygamists should get the same.

    What Dolan and the gang should do instead of whining at the secular government is to get their own houses in order by delineating legal, secular marriage from sacramental, religious marriage and refusing to be agents of the former. And get after their own members for marrying for the wrong reasons, engaging in/seeking extra-curricular activities while pretending to be good Christian spouses, and insisting that everyone has to be married. These are the things that make a mockery of marriage — not homosexuals.

    As a single American, I think the DOJ has bigger and wider issues it should be addressing. Not this.

  3. deaconjohn25 says:

    Teatime-Two points:”goodies that married heterosexuals get”
    These so-called “goodies” are usually tax breaks heterosexual couples get for putting blood , sweat, and huge bucks into raising the next generation–the future of any country. Whereas probably 90% of heterosexuial couples raise children, hardly any homosexuals are raising children. Maybe that is why the homosexuals I do know –and statistics bear it out– are pouring their discretionary income into politics and advocacy groups currying favor with pols while us parents are paying the food, clothing, etc. bills for our country’s future.
    As for Obama’s decision to have the DOJ not do its constitutionally mandated job of defending federal law in court , one can only wonder at how far leftward his anti-U.S. Constitution dictatorship will take this country.

  4. palagious says:

    Obama is an anarchist, and that’s becoming clearer every day.

  5. Larry Morse says:

    But Teatime, these benefits are what civil partnerships are for, because all the benefits you speak of are civil. If homosexuals want these benefits, the get a civil partnership. This is not rocket science. The trouble is this, that what they REALLY want is a broad social agreement that homosexuality is “normal, and marriage, properly so called, gives their union its cachet of normality. Now, nothing can make homosexuality normal because it is a radical abnormality, but we see in the Knust piece above, evidence itself is irrelevant. it is perception that determines the truth. This falsification is one 9but not the only) of the elements that makes a mockery of marriage. But it IS important because it asserts a definition of truth that is poison to any rational being; it turns the evidentiary world to Play-doh. Larry

  6. phil swain says:

    If the Obama administration truly believes that denial of same-sex marriage is a violation of the equal protection clause then it has an affirmative duty to present to Congress a bill that will recognize federal benefits for same-sex married couples. In other words, it’s hypocritical for the administration to refuse to defend a law, which by the way was passed by 80% of both houses of congress, while at the same time refusing to affirmatively correct the perceived misjustice. Obviously, Obama is hoping that the Federal courts will do the difficult moral and political work for him as he retains plausible deniability.

  7. deaconmark says:

    Just FYI “One in five male couples and one in three lesbian couples were raising children as of the 2000 Census. That’s way up from 1990, when one in 20 male couples and one in five lesbian couples had kids.” It will undoubtedly be even higher in the 2010 census. Further it is believed that 40% of children in the US are born out of wedlock (the figure raises to between 70-80% for black children). In the UK it may be closer to 50%. Throwing around “facts” that 90% of heterosexuals raise children and “almost no” homosexuals do so; is misleading in the extreme. While it might be comfortable to imagine America is June and Ward Clearver, the fact is that has not been the case for a very long time. Maybe it never was. Take a visit to reality street…please.

  8. Br. Michael says:

    Interesting. I wonder how many same sex couples have their own children as opposed to adoption or third party aid?

  9. phil swain says:

    Actually, deaconmark, every child is being raised by a village, haven’t your heard. So, what’s your point. In fact, the data is overwhelming that it’s in a child’s best interest to be raised by his/her biological parents. It follows that the common good is served by encouraging and promoting in law intact biological families. The statistics you cite are further evidence that society needs to strenghten traditional marriage.

  10. MichaelA says:

    A bishop who publicly defends marriage – who’d haev thought it?!

  11. deaconjohn25 says:

    Go with the flow–ease with the breeze–ride with the tide–tickle more and more ears. But there are times–if things are descending into a moral cesspool (as society and our culture seems to be to the cheers of some who call it “reality”)– that the last thing we should do is go along with it. Christians lost their moral backbones in 1930’s Germany and danced at the Cabaret with those who eventually dragged the world into a hell on earth. Sadly, there are many ways to create an immoral hell on earth and many very willing to feed the flames’