Matt Reynolds–America as a Christian Nation? Cherry-Picking from the Past

Sensible Christians understand that America’s past, present, and future are inexplicable apart from Christianity. Just as sensibly, if sometimes hyperbolically, they discern among American elites widespread indifference and hostility to this reality. In emphasizing the purveyors of Christian nation fantasies, [John] Fea lets these elites off the hook a little too easily.

But this is a forgivable offense. Sufficient unto the day is the revisionism thereof. If Fea succeeds in dislodging this nettlesome speck from the Christian eye, he can tackle the secularist beam some other time.

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One comment on “Matt Reynolds–America as a Christian Nation? Cherry-Picking from the Past

  1. Scatcatpdx says:

    The crux of the problem with many on both side of the debate, the religious and secular, confusing Christianity as in Christ crucified for our sins and resurrected for or salvation with Judeo-Christian-ethics a system ode this based on old and New Testament law. We need to think Judeo-Christian ethics as the last five of the Ten Commandments. In a way we can say yes we are founded on Judeo-Christian ethics but not a Christian Nation for even Christ has not sanction nation building, nor confuse Judeo-Christian ethics as the Gospel.