A Deer in the Backyard!

Is there any better way to start the day?


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8 comments on “A Deer in the Backyard!

  1. evan miller says:

    My morning began the same way. as I looked out the bedroom window, there was a doe standing in my horse’s padddock next to the front lawn. I watched her mosey around as I got dressed. She vamoosed when my dog and I went out to give my horse his breakfast.

  2. Ralinda says:

    Not if they’re eating your hostas, phlox, etc!

  3. In Texas says:

    I should change my moniker, since I’m now “In Colorado”, instead of “In Texas”, but we get to look out the window and see one of the resident, wild bunnies (rabbits and/or hares) munching on some grass, or bunched up in the classic “chocolate bunny” pose. In the summer we even get to see them stretch out in the grass, fat, happy, and content. Of course, they are great coyote snacks, and every once in a while I get woke up in the middle of the night with the sound of coyotes yapping close by the house, and the next day our resident bunnies are MIA. But not to worry, within a few days, another bunny will move in.

  4. Teatime2 says:

    A couple of weeks ago, I was at Kmart buying annuals for my containers. An elderly gentleman who manages their garden center was a huge help — it turns out he has a Ph.D. Retired from university teaching, he still loves to keep busy and use his knowledge.

    Anyhoo, he had been contacted by the wildlife department to track the movement of animals displaced by the drought and wildfires here. I had never thought of that! We are in exceptional drought and millions of acres have been charred. He said to keep an eye out around the neighborhood because the animals are moving closer to the city in search of water and food.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have many things as charming as deer around here. We’re talking Western Diamondback rattlesnakes, feral hogs, and coyotes. I’m praying that I don’t find any of these in my backyard!

  5. Frances Scott says:

    Saw 75 of those oversized rodents on the way home today. The record for one time sighting in my front yard is 14…all young males that eat everything green in sight! The only place I really appreciate deer is on my dinner plate. Delicious!
    Frances S. Scott

  6. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    “A Deer in the Backyard! Is there any better way to start the day?”

    One hesitates to say it, but venison sausages are rather nice for breakfast.

  7. CBH says:

    Last Saturday morning our young English Pointer had an unusual encounter when my husband was exercising him in our fenced pasture. Husband looked up to see a deer running along behind the dog. When the dog finally sensed he was being followed there was a momentary encounter of uncertainty. My husband quickly ran down the field to catch the dog. He put him on a lead cord and as he did he saw the fawn who had just caught his little head in the fence. His mother was there to defend him if necessary. My husband tied the confused dog off and released the fawn to his mother by stretching the fence. While sweet Husband was helping the fawn it’s cries silenced and the fawn was still and calm. Mother waited patiently on the safe side of the fence (which she jumps with ease!) What delights we have in our encounters with wild things.

  8. evan miller says:


    No need to hesitate. Some of my best mornings begin with me sitting in a freezing tree stand in the pre-dawn hours, waiting for first light and the chance to bag a nice buck. I still have a couple of backstraps in the freezer. Best is sharing my two-perrson stand with my son or daughter.