Anglican Chaplain Denies Problem of Islamic Extremism on University Campuses

An Anglican chaplain at a British university has rebutted claims that universities throughout the U.K. are a breeding ground for extremist recruitment, and that universities are not doing enough to tackle the problem.

Jeremy Clines who is the Anglican chaplain at the University of Sheffield has said that Islamic extremists were not the problem for universities, but rather government spending cuts were of greater concern.

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3 comments on “Anglican Chaplain Denies Problem of Islamic Extremism on University Campuses

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    I’m afraid Ms May is right. Once you let the camel get his ugly nose under the edge of the tent, he’ll try to come all of the way in. Universities are in fact being used as a breeding ground for Islamic thought all over the world, and along with that ‘thought’ comes Islamic extremism, including the violent kind.

  2. Hakkatan says:

    I was listening to NPR’s “All Things Considered” yesterday and heard a Bristish-born Muslim tell about the Islamic group at his university that tried to get him to join them fully. They were not obviously extremists, but it became clear to this man that they were recruiting people into an organization that would do violence and terrorism.

  3. Caedmon says:

    They’re concerned just about college campuses!?: