Boston Globe: The Red Sox make a habit of success

This four-game sweep proceeded with delightful inexorability to its 4-3 conclusion last night. As is to be expected in any World Series, there were bumps along the way as the Colorado Rockies strived valiantly to avoid defeat, but the Red Sox countered every threat to their preeminence. What a difference from the surprise and relief three years ago when the Sox won their first championship of Major League Baseball in 86 years.

Read it all and congratulations to Red Sox fans.


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5 comments on “Boston Globe: The Red Sox make a habit of success

  1. Utah Benjamin says:

    Yes, congrats. As an avid Rockies fan since 1993, I must humbly concede that the best team won. I’ve never seen a team both hit and pitch so well at Coors Field.

  2. Bernini says:

    I knew that whoever emerged from the ALCS would take it all. I just wish more playoff series this year hadn’t been sweeps. *yawn*

  3. William P. Sulik says:

    And Rockies fans should not hang their heads – 21 wins of 22 games prior to the World Series, with most of those meaning no playoffs at all, is an incredible feat.

    You’ll always have the Pennant.

    (“The Rockies Win The Pennant!! The Rockies Win The Pennant!! The Rockies Win The Pennant!!” – who remembers whether the 1951 Giants won the World Series?)

  4. Ouroboros says:

    As a Red Sox fan, this victory is bittersweet. As a rule, unless it’s of the Yankees, I don’t like sweeps. I feel they cut the fun short; I much prefer hard fought battles that go down to the line.

    Congratulations go to the Rockies and their fans. A week ago, I was trembling at the prospect of going up against a team that had amassed such a streak of winning games. The Rockies were not just a “hot” team, though, but a “great” team. The talent does not begin and end with Helton, despite what some commentators might think. I think that the long stretch without a game just broke their momentum. I have a strong feeling the days of NLW meaning “National League’s Worst” is over, and the Rockies will be a force to contend with next year as well.

  5. Scott K says:

    I was another Red Sox fan with slightly mixed emotions — I like the Rockies a lot and cheered for them all the way through the NLCS. They are a very talented, mostly young team and I’m sure they have several more years of success ahead of them. I didn’t like seeing them get swept but congratulations on a great season and impressive streak at the end of the year.