(Church Times) Survey of religious views suggest divided world

In Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, more than 90 per cent thought that religion provided the common values necessary to allow society to thrive. In the UK, however, just 29 per cent thought that. Sweden scored the lowest, at just 19 per cent.

Asked about the prospect of religious or ethnic conflict breaking out in their own country, many respondents were very worried. In Turkey, South Africa, and Hungary, re­spond­ents thought that there was more than a 70-per-cent chance that conflict would hap­pen. In the UK, respondents rated the chance of conflict at 43 per cent.

When asked about whether their own religion was the only true path to salvation, results were mixed, dependent on country and faith. In Saudi Arabia, 75 per cent agreed with this; in the UK, however, just nine per cent agreed with the statement.

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