(CNN) Ex-CIA official sounds alarm about hackers' next targets

[Cofer Black]… referenced last year’s Stuxnet computer worm, which some researchers think was designed to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“I’m here to tell ya … the Stuxnet attack is the Rubicon of our future,” he said. “I don’t necessarily understand how this was executed, but the important points are (that) it was really expensive, so a nation-state had to be involved.”

Hacking, once see as “college pranks,” has moved “into physical destruction of a national resource,” he said. “This is huge.”

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One comment on “(CNN) Ex-CIA official sounds alarm about hackers' next targets

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    This has moved far beyond the college “prank” scenario, and it could conceivably involve the loss of human life if the wrong country is involved. It is no joking matter.