(RNS) After 9/11, Curiosity over Islam Leads to Conversion

Like a lot of other people in the haze and confusion of the 9/11 attacks, Johannah Segarich asked herself: “What kind of religion is this that could inspire people to do this?”

She had studied other religions, but never Islam. So she bought a copy of the Quran, wondering if her notions of Islam as a patriarchal and now seemingly violent religion, would be confirmed.

Then she got to the first chapter, with its seven-line message about seeking guidance from a merciful creator. She finished the Quran a few weeks later, then started reading it again. About half way through, barely 10 weeks after 9/11, “I came to the realization,” she said, “that I had a decision to make.”

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4 comments on “(RNS) After 9/11, Curiosity over Islam Leads to Conversion

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    It seems to me, at least, that these women have justified their abandoning of Christianity and denial of Christ’s divinity by sympathizing with murderers of Jewish men, women, and children, along with Christians, while at the same time not taking the time to thoroughly studying their so-called new-found “faith,” and while not criticizing the radical Islamist movements which have become the dominant factor in Islamist thought and action. Studying a religion by merely reading scripture is not enough to justify conversion; one must thoroughly study it and thoroughly believe what those scriptures tell them in order to be truly converted. I don’t believe they’ve progressed that far…….or they’ve been brainwashed.

  2. bettcee says:

    I wonder if they were reading accurate translations of the Quran?

  3. deaconjohn25 says:

    The most interesting statistic in the article was that a majority of converts to Islam are women. Sort of blows many of the arguments for ordaining priestesses in the Catholic Church out of the water. It is also a statistic that rarely surfaces in the liberal mainstream media which is one of the biggest cheerleaders for feminizing the Catholic Church.

  4. NoVA Scout says:

    No. 1; I found nothing in the link to indicate that the woman sympathized “with murderers of Jewish men, women, and children, along with Christians . . .” Where did that come from?