(Irish Independent) Catholic Priest marries Divorcee in Anglican church

For years he stood on one side of the altar as couples said their marriage vows on the other.

But roles were almost reversed over the weekend when a Roman Catholic priest wed the woman he loved.

Sean Page (53) and Clarice Young (47) were married in a low-key ceremony in an Anglican church in front of four of her five children.

Speaking moments before his marriage to the two-time divorcee, Mr Page said: “This is a house of God, and that’s all that matters.”

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One comment on “(Irish Independent) Catholic Priest marries Divorcee in Anglican church

  1. Kendall Harmon says:

    From WP:

    So let me make sure I understood this correctly: Mr Page left his
    parish ministry eleven years ago to move in with a mother of seven,
    and he now got married to a mother of five, who is divorced from the
    father of her children. And they both are very serious about their
    Christianity — which, however, does not seem to include fidelity to
    vows, either of priestly celibacy or of marriage for life. And the
    local Anglican vicar, who has a deep respect for the Catholic church,
    has not problem with all of that. Interesting.