May We Never Forget””Ten Years Ago Today

This video is a long download but an important file to take the time to listen to and watch; I make myself do it every year on this day. There are a few pieces I would have wished to do differently in terms of the choices for specific content, but the actual footage and the music is valuable. Be forewarned that the raw images and sounds of the day are emotionally taxing to try to take in, so one has to be in a prepared state before one begins–KSH.


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One comment on “May We Never Forget””Ten Years Ago Today

  1. BlueOntario says:

    The last time I watched that there was still a rescue effort where the Twin Towers had stood.

    Just today the Taliban thumbed their noses at us after one of them blew himself and his truck up in front of a US base. As quoted by the BBC: “Each year, 9/11 reminds the Afghans of an event in which they had no role whatsoever,” the Taliban said in a statement emailed to the media.
    The Taliban’s “reminder” left 2 other Afghanis killed (including a 3 year old girl) and about 25 injured according to the report.