Kunonga faction storms orphanage

The fight over control of Anglican Church properties reached frightening proportions yesterday when the Nolbert Kunonga-led faction evicted caregivers at an orphanage in Murehwa, leaving over 100 children in a quandary.

Three caregivers at Shearly Cripps Children’s Home were reportedly forced out of the institution for aligning themselves with the Chad Gandiya diocese, which lost the court battle for the control of the church’s property last year.

According to one evictee, Dorothy Makwarimba, a messenger of court arrived at the orphanage yesterday morning, brandishing a court order for them to vacate.

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5 comments on “Kunonga faction storms orphanage

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    Where is the international condemnation? Where is the condemnation from Canterbury, and why do the primates tolerate Kunonga and his priests? Why aren’t international criminal charges being brought against him?

  2. Cennydd13 says:

    That thug Mugabe will ignore this letter, just as he’s ignored every other plea.

  3. Martin Reynolds says:

    Sorry the second url would not load-up as was.
    Here is the earlier by CAPA letter sent on behalf of the Primates:
    [Earlier link now sorted as well – Elf]

  4. Martin Reynolds says:

    And there is always this brave attempt to bring him to book: