Archbishop of York to Speak Today at Restore Hope Latimer

You can read about the event here. The description begins this way:

On behalf of the Restore Hope Latimer trustees, our team and all of our partner churches, a very warm welcome to On Earth As In Heaven 2011. Many hours of prayer, planning and hard work by a huge team of volunteers have enabled us to host this event once again.

On Earth As In Heaven 2008 was staged in the midst of one of the worst financial crashes of our lifetime. It was the banks, financial institutions and corporate world which felt the full blast of that initial storm; three years on and the shock waves are still affecting countries, communities and families.

Each one of us has a pilot light of hope within us. A flame which rises and falls with the situations or circumstances we are facing. At different times in our lives, the flame can be strong. Sometimes our flame of hope is weak. But each of us needs that flame ”“ without it we are without hope; life loses meaning and purpose, people fall into despair and anger breaks out. Depression rests on those who are struggling with life and anarchy breaks out on our streets.

You may also find the full schedule over there.


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