Islamists’ Growing Sway Raises Questions for Libya

The growing influence of Islamists in Libya raises hard questions about the ultimate character of the government and society that will rise in place of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s autocracy. The United States and Libya’s new leaders say the Islamists, a well-organized group in a mostly moderate country, are sending signals that they are dedicated to democratic pluralism. They say there is no reason to doubt the Islamists’ sincerity.

But as in Egypt and Tunisia, the latest upheaval of the Arab Spring deposed a dictator who had suppressed hard-core Islamists, and there are some worrisome signs about what kind of government will follow. It is far from clear where Libya will end up on a spectrum of possibilities that range from the Turkish model of democratic pluralism to the muddle of Egypt to, in the worst case, the theocracy of Shiite Iran or Sunni models like the Taliban or even Al Qaeda.

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2 comments on “Islamists’ Growing Sway Raises Questions for Libya

  1. Br. Michael says:

    The creation of an Islamic theocratic state in a predominantly Muslim country. Who would have thought! The only people who could be surprised at this are Western liberals whose capacity for self delusion and self destruction is without measure.

  2. David Keller says:

    Br. M–No kidding! I just hope the current in-power liberals aren’t in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood–let’s hope they’re just stupid. (Its kind of sad when the BEST CASE scenario for our leaders is “let’s hope they’re just stupid).