(CEN) Lord’s Prayer out in Australia

Complaints by devotees of the new atheism in Australia have beaten back the Lord’s Prayer from the public square. A primary school in Perth’s northern suburbs has ended the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer before school assemblies after some parents complained that it violated the law by promoting religious belief over non-belief.

On 20 September, Edgewater Primary School principal Julie Tombs wrote to parents announcing the cessation of prayers after 25 years, after a survey of parents indicated that some were opposed to the practice.

“We acknowledge that of the parents who did respond to the survey, many wanted to retain the Lord’s Prayer and it is right that we continue to recite it at culturally appropriate times such as Christmas and Easter, as part of our educational programme,” Mrs Tombs said in a statement.

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2 comments on “(CEN) Lord’s Prayer out in Australia

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    Umm, I ‘m afraid that’s one law that I’d have to break.

  2. Cennydd13 says:

    And try telling an Australian Muslim that he can’t recite his prayers in public and see where that gets you……I DARE you!