Church of the Good Shepherd, Charleston, S.C.–Who we Are

The Vision of the Church of the Good Shepherd is to exist for those who are not yet members and to be known for”¦

*World-changing Children
*Strong Families
*Confident Leaders
*Biblical Preaching
*Spirit-filled Worship

Our Core Values are the principles we are unwilling to sacrifice in the achievement of the Vision.

* Centered on the Cross of Jesus Christ,
* Centered on Community
* Centered on Mission and Ministry to Others

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One comment on “Church of the Good Shepherd, Charleston, S.C.–Who we Are

  1. wyclif says:

    Incredibly refreshing. This parish obviously has core values at odds with the majority of TEC. I think they also have a lot to teach the moribund quarters of the Episcopal Organisation.

    Some key things that jumped out at me: this parish is unapologetically Protestant, and affirms the core tenets of the English Reformation. They are unafraid to emphasize orthodox doctrine. They put the spiritual growth of families first. They are outward-facing, not inward-oriented. There is no personality-driven rector bio on the site.

    Take heed, Episcopalians.