(BBC) St Paul's Dean Graeme Knowles resigns over protests

In a statement responding to the resignation, Occupy London described the management of St Paul’s Cathedral as “deeply divided” over its response to the protests.

“But our cause has never been directed at the staff of the cathedral,” the statement added.

The statement went on to urge an “open and transparent dialogue” involving all parties.

Read it all.

Update: I see USA Today also has a story there.


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2 comments on “(BBC) St Paul's Dean Graeme Knowles resigns over protests

  1. wvparson says:

    The protesters who assemble to bring down our financial masters have thus far only managed to add to the ranks of the unemployed a dean and a canon!

  2. c.r.seitz says:

    And from the sounds of it, Fraser is almost wholly to be blamed. The demonstrators were (properly, given their cause) at the LSE. The police handled the matter. It was apparently Fraser who acted unilaterally and invited them to put up tents at the Cathedral. Then when the unilateralism was not accepted by the Dean and other colleagues, he resigned!