Pittsburgh Anglican Bishop’s Address at 146th Diocesan Convention

We are eighty-two congregations as this convention opens. We have grown by thirty congregations since realignment. This is the largest number of congregations ever for the Diocese of Pittsburgh. We lost a third of our congregations at realignment, but here is the Lord’s promise working itself out. We are more than we were three years ago! For those willing to leave what they have ”“ whatever they have ”“ to follow Jesus the restoration is a hundredfold. Deep ecumenical friendships and partnerships have also been added. Anglican congregations are in partnership with Methodist congregations, Presbyterian congregations, Non-denominational congregations, and Catholic congregations for new homes and meeting places, and even some shared ministries. We meet here in this Benedictine Abbey and College as a sign of what has happened. God has provided new friends and encouragers for our post-exodus journey. We are much more ”“ yet possessing much less ”“ than we were before. (2 Cor.6.10)

This past Sunday I was in one of the two new full parishes coming into union with our Convention tomorrow, St. Michael’s Nashotah. There were scores more in attendance than their recent average of 105 at worship. I confirmed eight, received one and re-affirmed fifty. The most frequently repeated motto of my time there was “We’ve thrown away the rear-view mirror.” The Israelites looked back to Egypt and murmured (about how good it once was and how much difficulty their leaders had gotten them into). The people of St. Michael’s have determined not to look back.

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One comment on “Pittsburgh Anglican Bishop’s Address at 146th Diocesan Convention

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Splendid. Very encouraging and inspiring. What a great communicator! No wonder I love to call him “Bob Duncan the Lionhearted.”

    Two favorite lines. First, the repeated summary of the overall lesson from the readings from Exodus and Hebrews, “[i]Following the Lord/Jesus leads to new intimacy, new responsibility, and new identity, amidst new challenge.[/i]” Marvelous, and profound stuff.

    Second, I just loved ++Duncan’s wry comment about the loss of all the church property that Pittsburgh just finally had to relinquish for good. After noting that unlike the Israelite exodus from Egypt, the diocese was unable to walk away from TEC with lots of gold and silver, he aptly noted that his flock won’t be tempted to make a Golden Calf out of that gold either. Fantastic.

    I also loved the fact that the Diocese of PIttsburgh now boasts the largest number of congregations it has ever had in its history of 145 years or so. The current total is 82 congregations (some far from PA), which is remarkable since the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh lost 1/3 of its then current constituency when they left TEC in 2008. Truly, Christ is rewarding them for being willing to leave everything behind in order to follow Christ. May what they’ve given up be restored and multiplied “a hundredfold,” as in the Master’s promise in Matt. 19:27-30!

    David Handy+