Staten Island Area Episcopal churches plan service with 1559 prayer book

A celebration of the 350th anniversary of Staten Island will include a service of Evensong with prayers and music from that time period on Dec. 4 at Christ Church New Brighton.

The ten Staten Island churches that are part of the Richmond Interparish Council of the Episcopal Diocese of New York will participate in the 4 p.m. service that will use the 1559 prayer book.

The Rev. Charles Howell, rector of Christ Church, will lead clergy from the other Episcopal churches. Representing the Episcopal Diocese of New York will be Suffragan Bishop Catherine Roskam and the Rev. Andrew Smith.

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10 comments on “Staten Island Area Episcopal churches plan service with 1559 prayer book

  1. Canon King says:

    UMMM, I don’t suppose that anyone minds that a female bishop would hardly be part of a typical service from the 1559 BCP.

  2. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if they will attempt to use the original “i” and “u” letterings and not the modern “j” and “v” phonetics.

  3. driver8 says:

    Doesn’t this break the canons?

  4. Bookworm(God keep Snarkster) says:

    Does the 1559 Prayer Book have a service for same-sex blessings or “marriage”?

  5. C. Wingate says:

    Some years back I was at a parish on the Jersey shore when they did 1892.

  6. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    Technically, it does break the rubrics in the 1979 prayerbook if it is being used as the liturgy for the principle Sunday worship of the community. I imagine they were rendering it under the Rite III rubrics of An Order for Celebrating the Holy Eucharist, at which point if it has Bishop’s approval, then it would canonically fly as far as I can tell.

  7. Cennydd13 says:

    I think it should make no difference if the 1892 service was used strictly as a commemorative service only, and not intended to replace the service provided for by the rubrics.

  8. Cennydd13 says:

    Oops, I meant to say “the 1559” service.

  9. recchip says:

    Back in my younger days, I attended Christ Church in Alexandria Virginia (Home parish of both George Washington and R.E. Lee) and every year on the Sunday closest to July 4, we used the 1662 service. (Replacing the prayers for the King with prayers for the Continental Congress or sometimes the Continental Army). Nobody ever said thing one.

  10. Terry Tee says:

    Archer, Tut! You mean the principal Sunday worship.
    Yours pedantically
    Fr Tee