Open Thread I: How, Where and with Whom are you Spending Thanksgiving this year?

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13 comments on “Open Thread I: How, Where and with Whom are you Spending Thanksgiving this year?

  1. Second Citizen says:

    We plan to go to church to begin our day…local Anglican (EMC) church. Then we’ll come home and start cooking…turkey and trimmings, pumpkin pie, etc. It’s just the two of us, since all our various relatives live in other states (our telephone will be getting a workout), but we’re still very thankful.

  2. montanan says:

    Home, happily not on call. Wife, three kids (all teens), mother-in-law. Invited two single docs who are new to the community and work at my hospital to share it with us. It will be quiet – cooking, playing games.

  3. David Wilson says:

    Gale and I were invited to spend the afternoon and dinner with my most recent former Senior Warden and his wife and family. We supplied the 19.5 lb turkey. Early tomorrow Gale and me along with son Greg and his girlfriend motor to New York City for the weekend with daughter Hannah and her fiance. The assistant rector and deacon are covering the weekend services at my parish. I have much for which to be thankful.

    Pray for us as we will be entering a season of negotiation after Christmastide with the TEC-Pgh diocese over the final deposition of our buildings. If past performance is the best the predictor of future performance than things look bleak for keeping our property. We, however, don’t fret. We know God will provide whether we stay or whether we go.

  4. Cennydd13 says:

    Home, with family and friends……and a delicious traditional turkey dinner with all of the trimmings……and with God in our presence.

  5. Br. Michael says:

    Church at 8:30 and community Thanksgiving at 1:00, again at church.

  6. Terry Tee says:

    I am thankful for all my American friends who have blessed my life. Jeanette and Jon in Tucson; Paul and his siblings in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Helen (who went to school with me when we both lived in Africa) and her husband Barry in West Hartford, Conn; remembering also the late Lee Dinon of Phoenix, a feisty, gracious lady and great fun to know. For these and all my friends I give God thanks and praise.

  7. Karen B. says:

    Just got back from a wonderful day at the local U.S. Embassy in the country where I work in Africa. We had postcard-perfect weather (November is usually one of our nicest months), great food, and good fellowship with colleagues and friends.

    I’m thankful the community of Christians working here is growing again after two years of dramatic losses in the numbers of expatriates following several terrorist attacks, and I’m so blessed to be part of a wonderful team, and to see God’s grace poured out daily in our work and lives here.

  8. Scatcatpdx says:

    Just by myself. I started a new job and my saving were depleted; I was only getting 251.0 a week and I am paid biweekly. The first check had to pay the bills which does not leave much for even a bus ride home. My truck will not make the 140 mile trip.
    I am a bit of an Introvert, I have no problem having a quite day at home. Still I will celebrate and cook a small Turkey for myself and some fixings.

    Being single and away form family is no excuse for not celebrating.

  9. elanor says:

    We had our family Thanksgiving last Friday, when our son took “home time” from his new job as a long-haul trucker (Praise God for him finding direction in his life at long last, for the perseverence to complete the training to gain this skill, and determination through a long job search!). Tonight we’re guests at a friend’s home, so no more turkey leftovers (another thing to be thankful for!).

  10. Kendall Harmon says:

    We have the whole family here in Summerville, S.C. today–Abigail is home from Vancouver, Nathaniel from Nashville, and Selimah from Greenville. We worshipped at Saint Paul’s Summerville this morning where the service used the 1559 Prayer Book.

  11. Frances Scott says:

    We are scattered to the four winds and gathering at Thanksgiving is no longer possible for us…couldn’t get us all into one place anyway.
    Richard is in Denver with his eldest and her children. I am here at the end of the road. My daughter-in-law had to work today so I made a turkey dinner for my son Kent, his 17 year old daughter Amelia, and her 2 year old niece Katrianne whom she baby sits. Thats sort of 4 generations except that Amelia didn’t generate Katrianne. We had a great time together. This is a very talkative and entertaining 2 year old!

  12. Teatime2 says:

    Quiet day by myself. Son couldn’t make it and is coming home Saturday, instead. I still cooked big, though, and everything is delicious. It’s nice to have the cooking done so I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the weekend. I’d like to go see the new Scorcese film, “Hugo.”
    I have two extremely happy dogs here, haha. My small terrier is lying on a chair sound asleep but lightly snoring with a bit of whipped cream remaining on his nose. The weimaraner is playing with a toy and grinning like mad. They had lots of treats today.

  13. evan miller says:

    For the first time I can recall, Thanksgiving dinner was just my wife and daughter and me. Son Alex is stationed in England in the USAF and spent the day with his girlfriend and her family. Katie (daughter) shot a huge 10-point buck in the evening on our farm and by the time I got it dressed and put away for the night, it was 7:30 so we sat down to supper rather late. We had a small turkey and mashed potatoes from the garden, made from scratch stuffing, green beans and a drinkable chablis, by candle light. Then early to bed.