Question for the Blog Community–Good Resources for Family Devotions

When I came downstairs from running, I had this IM sitting on the screen:

Family devotions I am wondering if you have any tips…ours are (three ages listed, none yet teenagers)…I cannot say I am strong on this, actually very weak…any good books etc or suggestions on daily or weekly suggestions let me know, we do prayers with the kids…

What would your ideas or suggestions be to my friend?


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2 comments on “Question for the Blog Community–Good Resources for Family Devotions

  1. trimom says:

    Here’s the Jesse Tree devotions our family is using this year.
    We do the reading and devotion over breakfast then reflect on it over family prayers in the evening.

  2. Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) says:

    Use the ‘Message’ interpretation of the Bible.

    Start by reading one chapter of Proverbs per day. Repeat the next month. 01 January, begin with the Psalms as well, one per day — you’ll go through them twice in a year. After the second time through, finish the year with one chapter of Isaiah per day.

    The following year, add in some daily NT reading (again, Message version), preferably epistles, not Gospels. Discuss as appropriate, needed, and interested.