Midday Mental Health break–Human Meeting with Wild Gorillas; really something

Watch it all (Hat tip: Selimah Harmon)


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8 comments on “Midday Mental Health break–Human Meeting with Wild Gorillas; really something

  1. Kendall Harmon says:

    If you are in a huge hurry start 2:30 in but the whole thing is terrific.

  2. Richard A. Menees says:

    Thanks for this cool break in the routine. I was in the Bwindi with a Uganda Christian University Partners team in October but the only gorillas we saw were painted on the walls of the wards in the Bwindi Hospital where Dr. Scott Kellerman and many Ugandan Anglicans have accomplished so much for so many in such a short period of time. Outr time was short too so we didn’t go on the gorilla treck but were told they sometimes walked out of the rainforest and into the relatively less wild area of the tourist camps and the Bwindi Community Hospital.

    Fr. Richard Menees

  3. Cennydd13 says:


  4. Ann McCarthy says:

    Oh that was very cool. I imagine his being terrified and fascinated at the same time. And to have gotten it on camera!

  5. Episcogal says:

    Unbelievable! That silverback would be able to smell the fear on me.

  6. Second Citizen says:

    I can imagine the gorillas looking at the human and thinking, “That’s an awfully funny-looking gorilla.” Great stuff.

  7. Clueless says:


  8. montanan says:

    I think the mother is saying, “I can’t leave the kids with you even long enough to go groom myself without you letting them get into danger – and you’re just sitting there watching them do it! Honestly, Silver; what were you thinking?!” 🙂