Erie-based Episcopal diocese continues efforts to prevent sexual abuse

The Erie-based diocese recently revised its Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse and Policies for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation of Adults and of Sexual Harassment of Church Workers.

“They’re trying to create an environment and an awareness that makes the churches as safe as we can make it for children and for anyone with regard to matters of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment,” said the Rev. John Downey, dean of the cathedral.

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One comment on “Erie-based Episcopal diocese continues efforts to prevent sexual abuse

  1. Michele says:

    When will these people be honest? A quick look at the diocesan chart on TEC’s website shows membership at less then 4000! [url=]NWPA chart[/url] And, while not stated in the article, ASA is only about 1600 as extrapolated from the chart. I do give them credit for putting in the doors with windows at the cathedral. Given the abuse history in the diocese this is long overdue.