Episcopal dioceses in Wisconsin consider cooperative ministry

Two of the three Episcopal dioceses in Wisconsin voted narrowly to remain separate dioceses last year but are studying ways they can combine programs.

Delegates of the dioceses of Fond du Lac and Eau Claire, at their conventions in October, turned down the opportunity to merge their administrative functions under one bishop. But Bishop Russell Jacobus of the Diocese of Fond du Lac said discussions are ongoing about cooperative ministry.

“The decision to become one diocese has not been approved so it’s no longer on the table,” Jacobus said. “However, one of the things we discovered was the possibility of doing ministry together.”

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2 comments on “Episcopal dioceses in Wisconsin consider cooperative ministry

  1. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    That is a truly telling picture in that article.

  2. MichaelA says:

    [blockquote] “The small size of the dioceses was a major reason for considering a merger. There are just 22 parishes in the Diocese of Eau Claire and 36 in the Diocese of Fond du Lac.” [/blockquote]
    That is very small for a diocese. But I guess it would be more relevant to know how active these parishes are, what is their ASA etc.

    Still if they have decided they are prepared to go with a part-time bishop, then so be it. But what happens if they get to the stage that they can’t afford priests?

    In the meantime, I note that ACNA only seems to have six parishes in Wisconsin. I have heard that the ACA has a parish there, maybe other continuum groups do also?