In Canada Some Former Anglicans join Catholic Church

Pockets of breakaway Anglican groups in Canada, including their married priests, are joining the Roman Catholic Church in ceremonies across the country.

Conservative Anglicans say their beliefs are more in line with Rome than with increasingly liberal teachings of some of their own bishops regarding hot-button issues, such as female priests and same-sex marriage.

Deborah Gyapong, an Ottawa-based freelance journalist who reports for Catholic and evangelical newspapers, was one of about 40 Anglicans recently welcomed at a rite of reception in Ottawa on Sunday, part of several Anglican parishes across the country that will be entering into “full communion” with the Catholic Church.

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One comment on “In Canada Some Former Anglicans join Catholic Church

  1. MichaelA says:

    [blockquote] “There will be about 100 new members in Canada.” [/blockquote]
    With about 800,000 members (apparently), I doubt that the Anglican Church of Canada is shaking in its shoes.

    In any case, some of the 100 members are from the TAC. Does anyone know how many?