The Bishop's Presidential Address at Ely Diocesan Synod

Since we last met, there has been a meeting of the House of Bishops which voted by a majority to amend the draft legislation to ordain women to the episcopate. I supported the minor amendment about derivation and delegation. The other amendment is more controversial. I do not want to say much more than I have already written in a recent pastoral letter to the clergy which is also available on E-life. Suffice it to say that it is not just a yes/no option for the July Synod. The Convocations of York and Canterbury and the House of Laity will all meet hours before the Synod meeting and could refer the amended legislation back to the Bishops. Similarly, the debate could be adjourned at the Synod meeting and the Bishops would also be mandated to re-consider at an autumn meeting, with a fresh debate at the November Synod. Whatever we pray that the outcome will be, do contact our General Synod representatives and make your views known to them. They must vote according to their consciences, but we should all feel that we are participating in the discernment through both prayer and opinion. I have not yet decided how I shall vote at any stage and I ask for your prayers.

Read it all and please note you may find the remarks referred to in “E-life” over there.


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