[NZ] Anglican leader calls for an end to Bible study in schools

[Update: See statement from New Zealand Archbishops: Archbishops affirm Bible in Schools]
An Anglican leader is urging state schools to ditch the Bible in Schools programme as he believes it is trying to create a loophole around the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

St Matthew in the City Reverend Clay Nelson has joined the atheist run-Secular Education Network in a bid to get the religious education programme out of the country’s primary and secondary schools.

Nelson said the programme is an imposition on the human rights of children….

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4 comments on “[NZ] Anglican leader calls for an end to Bible study in schools

  1. clarin says:

    the long arm of Tec in the South Pacific …

  2. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Wow, a “leader” – what a job up-grade. He is actually a parish priest! Not that that’s not a leader but scarcely either a bishop or archbishop or primate or such as the headline implies.

    Well, he got his 15 minutes! Move along.

  3. NoVA Scout says:

    I have always felt that attempts in the US to inject religion into the public schools harm religion in that the government setting can never do justice to the depth of the spiritual world (leaving to one side constitutional issues). I would assume that the same damage is done in government schools anywhere.

  4. clarin says:

    Feeling is no substitute for knowledge. American “government” schools historically taught Scripture and promoted Christian prayer. It was the Supreme Court that stopped all this. Anyway, schools are not arms of government. They are extensions of the family
    – or at least they are supposed to be.