(LA Times) Religious freedom under increasing threat worldwide, study says

More countries around the world are clamping down on religious freedom and harassment and intimidation of religious groups has surged, according to a new study released Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

The report tracked changes in religious tolerance through the middle of 2010. Though the findings are based on research done long before the recent eruption of widespread protests over insults to Islam, they shed new light on rising tension over faith

In every region on the globe, government restrictions, hostility or both were on the rise against religious groups, the sweeping study found. Signs of the trend eyed by researchers included governments banning particular faiths or prohibiting conversions, mob violence against religious groups and harassment over religious attire. Many such attacks or restrictions were levied against religious minorities.

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One comment on “(LA Times) Religious freedom under increasing threat worldwide, study says

  1. drummie says:

    Is it any surprise that the area with the most incidence of religious intolerence is the countries that are attacking US interests this week? I can not understand why the Muslim world is so touchy. If someone insults God as is done regularly here or if Christ is maligned or shown in a less than perfect way in art such as in The DaVinci Code we don’t attack, destroy, or kill. I have confidence in God that can not be shaken by someones insult. Why can not the Muslim world take things like this idot film for what it is and get over it? Most of these attacks seem to be being whipped up by extremeist Imams. What are they afraid of? This violence is not about a fil clip, it is about intolerence.