(ITV) Justin Welby confirmed as Archbishop of Canterbury

Among the Titles of the material here–Dr Rowan Williams ‘delighted’ by successor

[The] Rt Rev Justin Welby on ‘hard issues’ facing the Church

New Archbishop pays tribute to Rowan Williams

New Archbishop: My school does not define me

[Archbishop John] Sentamu: ‘Tipsters can now return to silence’

New Archbishop begins with a prayer – and a joke

An interesting collection of videos–watch them all.


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3 comments on “(ITV) Justin Welby confirmed as Archbishop of Canterbury

  1. MichaelA says:

    This is the address by +Welby (as he then was) to the TEC House of Bishops last March: http://www.collegeforbishops.org/assets/1145/bishop_of_durham_reflections_to_tec_hob.pdf
    It makes interesting reading.

  2. Chip Johnson, cj says:


  3. magnolia says:

    oh boy, it doesn’t look promising….