(CFR's Africa in Transition) Anglicans in Zimbabwe Regain Cathedral and Other Properties

For the past five years, Robert Mugabe’s government has, in effect, persecuted the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe. As I blogged previously in 2011, the ex-bishop of Harare, Nolbert Kunonga, a long-time Mugabe supporter, sought to take his diocese out of the Anglican Communion, ostensibly because of Anglican Communion support for gay rights. The church thereupon deposed him and chose a new bishop, Chad Gandiya. But, Mugabe continued to support Kunonga and a pro-Mugabe judge gave him “custody” of church property pending a high court ruling. Kunonga also ended up with a confiscated, previously white-owned, farm. Pro-government goons over the past five years have, in effect, overseen the transfer of the cathedral in Harare, Anglican schools, orphanages, and parish churches to Kunonga and his supporters. The archbishop of Canterbury protested directly to Mugabe last year….

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One comment on “(CFR's Africa in Transition) Anglicans in Zimbabwe Regain Cathedral and Other Properties

  1. Terry Tee says:

    There are two surprises here. One is the judges showing some degree of independence of spirit, which the author mentions. The other surprise is that the police – who are thoroughly politicised – backed the restoration of property. In the past police have actively opposed court orders on the side of the legitimate church and Chad Gandiya, and court judgements have been worthless. Augustine Chihuri the chief of police is a Mugabe appointee. Suddenly, things have changed. A sign, perhaps, of bigger changes to come.