(ABP) Tony Campolo sees future ”˜red letter’ church

[Tony] Campolo said he has noted a shift over the decades away from a faith composed primarily of beliefs about Jesus toward taking Christ’s teachings both literally and seriously.

“I grew up at a time when the church was organized around the theologies of the Apostle Paul,” Campolo said. “Every Bible study I ever went to growing up was on Paul. We studied Ephesians and Philippians and Romans, and we went through Paul verse by verse.”

“Being solid theologically was of crucial significance,” he continued. “It still is. The shift that has taken place, however, is a shift away from the Pauline epistles to the Gospels.”

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One comment on “(ABP) Tony Campolo sees future ”˜red letter’ church

  1. MichaelA says:

    [blockquote] “Campolo said he doesn’t want to minimize teachings about how to be saved and go to heaven after you die, but it isn’t the major emphasis in the teachings of Jesus. He said Jesus instead emphasized a kingdom relevant in the here and now.” [/blockquote]
    Tony Campolo needs to do a basic course in theology. There is no conflict between the writings of Jesus Christ and those of his apostle, St Paul. Nor is there even a different emphasis.

    And contra Tony, they both taught about the here-and-now, and about eternity.